Our Services

Our aim is to ensure patients are treated quickly and professionally in a location and at a time that they choose.

By working with partners such as MediServices the NHS can improve the quality of care it offers with shorter waiting times and better patient outcomes. Additionally working with the independent sector gives the NHS a greater range of possible solutions when facing clinical challenges.

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In-sourcing provides your Trust with experts who provide clinical services in your department when you need them.

Our teams work flexibly both in and out of traditional hours to utilise the Trust’s spare resources. This enables a higher volume of patients to be diagnosed, thus maximising capacity and improving clinical outcomes.

Our Team agrees clear pathways with hospital teams with agreed plans for inheriting parts or all of a service, escalation points for urgent referrals and continuation of care post MediServices involvement. MediServices is on most Frameworks including the NHS Increasing Capacity Framework.


Outsourcing can offer an end to end solution, this includes processing referrals, booking patient appointments, arranging off-site clinic rooms and clinicians. This ensures that a streamlined service is provided thus avoiding fragmentation.

Insourcing provides your trust with expert clinical teams to work in your department when you have spare capacity.

Outpatient Clinics


Senior consultants offer a comprehensive review of all referrals and existing backlogs. This results in the most appropriate outcome for the patient i.e. a direct route back to specialist care within a specified timescale.

Outpatient Diagnostic Services

Our diagnostic teams of experienced consultants, practitioners, receptionists and healthcare assistants work with existing departments improving patient care and lowering waiting times.

Face to Face Clinics

MediServices offers outpatient clinics 7 days a week working closely with local healthcare teams to improve patient care. Our team of healthcare managers works with in-house staff to assess requirements and suggest solutions to improve services and offer the possibility of 7-day working departments. Together we assess the existing capability of services, equipment and staffing levels and develop a tailored plan to improve capacity. MediServices offers tailored solutions to match the needs of each individual client.

Patient Safety At the Core

Our Clinical Coordinators work closely with hospital teams to ensure services are fully integrated. Our Medical Advisory Committee oversees all clinical activity within MediServices and our clinical governance team implements all service improvement processes as advised by the Medical Advisory Committee. Our management team meets with commissioners and hospital management regularly sharing information on the service such as governance data and service improvement plans. Our service is regularly audited internally and externally working closely with external bodies such as CQC.

Virtual Clinics

Discharge to GP. Review after diagnostic tests. Review in specified time following treatment. Face to face appointments if required. Urgent referral to MDT. Urgent admission.

Clinical Governance

MediServices Healthcare continuously strives to uphold an excellent standard of service.

Led by our Medical Director, our clinical governance committee ensures that the quality of service across all aspects of our business is regularly monitored and reviewed.