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About us

Excellent levels of measured patient satisfaction

Our Mission and Vision

MediServices aims to be the leading supplier of Neurophysiology services in the UK supplying NHS trusts and patients with the best-in-class patient care and experiences. 

Our mission is to improve patient care, we want patients to experience excellent neurophysiology services at a time and place best for them.  

MediServices was founded by a group of clinicians who realized the importance of continuously improving clinical services, patient outcomes and offering good value to healthcare providers. We believe clinicians who are at the forefront of clinical services and work directly with patients are best placed to improve clinical services. At the core of MediServices is the desire to strive for excellence by continuously improving clinical services. Thus we have an experienced clinical team that leads each service and works alongside senior healthcare managers to ensure high levels of clinical governance.

MediServices has worked extensively with NHS providers and commissioners all over the UK to provide clinical services, delivering insourcing and outsourcing solutions, working with trusts to overcome RTT and capacity issues. The outcomes of these partnerships include:

  • Excellent levels of measured patient satisfaction
  • Strong consultant led services and governance
  • Highly efficient teams of local consultants, nurses and other staff working together
  • Long-term public private partnerships
  • Real value for money

Our Values

Patients First

We always put our patients first and treat them individually. 

Passion for Neurophysiology 

We are passionate and always go the extra mile

Personal Accountability

We perform our duties to the best of our abilities and continuously learn and improve. 

Pursuit for Excellence 

We are continually reviewing and improving our services  

How we work with the NHS

We work alongside the NHS providing a range of quality clinical services. MediServices offers clinician-led services with good clinical governance and high levels of patient satisfaction. We work not only to maintain but to improve healthcare services.

We follow 3 simple steps with each service; we understand, we improve and we continuously review each service we provide.

  • Firstly we understand; all our services are led by clinicians who are assisted by experienced healthcare managers. This allows a good understanding of the service and patient needs. We therefore tailor our services accordingly.
  • Secondly, we improve clinical services. Together as a team we continuously evaluate patient pathways with the aim of offering new innovative ways of improving patient outcomes.
  • Lastly, we continuously review processes to ensure we are always offering the best value.

Why does the NHS work with the independent sector?

Working with a range of partners allows the NHS to function more efficiently with the patient's needs at the core. Our aim is to ensure patients are treated quickly and professionally in a location and at a time that they choose.

By working with partners such as MediServices the NHS can improve the quality of care it offers with shorter waiting times and better patient outcomes. Additionally working with the independent sector gives the NHS a greater range of possible solutions when facing clinical challenges.

MediServices provides bespoke clinical services that are designed to improve patient outcomes 

Efficiency. Value.

Providing outsourced solutions, again resulting in high levels of patient satisfaction, value for money and efficiency; reducing waiting times, often from out of control, to within RTT targets.

Transparent Partnership Led

MediServices has an unrivalled national network of consultants and other clinical staff. All of our solutions are provided in a consultant-led way which is transparent to commissioners and providers and which aims for long-term working partnerships based on learning and mutual trust


MediServices provide spinal cord monitoring for my neurosurgical cases and their service is simply excellent.   

- Mr Christian Ulbricht, MRCS, FRCS (NEUROSURG).

Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeon


What our clients say about us

The team and service MediServices Healthcare IOM provide is simply excellent, I would not hesitate to recommend this service to any colleagues or fellow surgeons. They provide a stress-free, professional service whilst having a knowledgeable, friendly and approachable team.

Miss Fiona J.l. Arnold MA PHD FRCS (NEURO.SURG)

Consultant Neurosurgeon, Charing Cross Hospital
MediServices is capable and reliable. It has the ability to interpret trends in monitoring. This has been inclusive of very difficult cases including an acute thoracic pedicle subtraction osteotomy with neurological deficit. The clear communication delivered altered the order in which The surgery was performed. The clinical outcome was excellent.

Mr Kamran Hassan

Consultant Spinal Surgeon
MediServices provide spinal cord monitoring for my neurosurgical cases and their service is simply excellent.

Mr Christian Ulbricht, MRCS, FRCS (NEUROSURG)

Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeon



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