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Insourcing and Outsourcing Solutions to Increase Capacity

Who we are

Putting Patients First

We always put our patients first and treat them individually

Passion for Health and Care

We are passionate and always go the extra mile

Personal Accountability

We perform our duties to the best of our abilities and continuously learn and improve

Pursuit for Excellence

We are continually reviewing and improving our services

How We work with the NHS

We work alongside the NHS providing a range of quality clinical services. MediServices offers clinician-led services with good clinical governance and high levels of patient satisfaction.

We work not only to maintain but to improve healthcare services. We follow 3 simple steps with each service; we understand, we improve and we continuously review each service we provide.

  • Firstly we understand; all our services are led by clinicians who are assisted by experienced healthcare managers. This allows a good understanding of the service and patient needs. We therefore tailor our services accordingly.

  • Secondly, we improve clinical services. Together as a team we continuously evaluate patient pathways with the aim of offering new innovative ways of improving patient outcomes.

  • Lastly, we continuously review processes within each service with our Governance Team ensuring our quality management systems are constantly evolving learning from past experience.

Why does the NHS work with the independent sector?

Working with a range of partners allows the NHS to function more efficiently with the patients' needs at the core.

Our aim is to ensure patients are treated quickly and professionally in a location and at a time that they choose. This is particularly important now due to Covid19. We need smarter innovative ways of working to ensure all patient needs are met.

By working with partners such as MediServices the NHS can improve the quality of care it offers with shorter waiting times and better patient outcomes. Additionally working with the independent sector gives the NHS a greater range of possible solutions when facing clinical challenges.

Outpatient Insourcing Solutions

MediServices offers cost effective insourcing and outsourcing solutions for a range of outpatient activities. Our experienced team works alongside commissioners and NHS managers to improve patient pathways and offer capacity solutions.

Our Team agrees clear pathways with hospital teams with agreed plans for inheriting parts or all of a service, escalation points for urgent referrals and continuation of care post MediServices involvement. MediServices is on most Frameworks including the NHS Increasing Capacity Framework.

  • Experienced clinical service provider working with NHS Trusts nationwide

  • Agreed patient pathways with clear Governance Structures

  • Strong Governance including, CQC, ISO accreditation, GMC Designated Body, Cyber Essentials

  • Covering All Specialities

  • Clinical Coordinators to ensure patient pathways are always maintained

  • Insourcing/Outsourcing solutions with clear project management strategy

  • Working alongside hospital teams to ensure RTT targets are met below-tariff rates

Outpatient Clinics


Senior consultants offer a comprehensive review of all referrals and existing backlogs. This results in the most appropriate outcome for the patient i.e. a direct route back to specialist care within a specified timescale.

Virtual Clinics

  • Discharge to GP

  • Review after diagnostic tests

  • Review in specified time following treatment

  • Face to face appointments if required

  • Urgent referral to MDT

  • Urgent admission

Outpatient Diagnostic Services

Our diagnostic teams of experienced consultants, practitioners, receptionists and healthcare assistants work with existing departments improving patient care and lowering waiting times.

Face to Face Clinics

MediServices offers outpatient clinics 7 days a week working closely with local healthcare teams to improve patient care.

Our team of healthcare managers works with in-house staff to assess requirements and suggest solutions to improve services and offer the possibility of 7-day working departments. Together we assess the existing capability of services, equipment and staffing levels and develop a tailored plan to improve capacity. MediServices offers tailored solutions to match the needs of each individual client.

Patient Safety At the Core

Our Clinical Coordinators work closely with hospital teams to ensure services are fully integrated. Our Medical Advisory Committee oversees all clinical activity within MediServices and our clinical governance team implements all service improvement processes as advised by the Medical Advisory Committee.

Our management team meets with commissioners and hospital management regularly sharing information on the service such as governance data and service improvement plans. Our service is regularly audited internally and externally working closely with external bodies such as CQC.

Who we work with

Achieving efficiency through understanding challenges faced by local clinicians. MediServices uses technology and innovation to find tailored solutions.



I have been very impressed by the professional service given to myself and my patients by MediServices Healthcare Ltd. Their Spinal Cord Monitoring Service is conducted in a reassuring way...

Mr D S Marks FRCS FRCS(Orth)  

Consultant Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHSFT & The Birmingham Children's Hospital


SRFT have been working with MediServices for a number of years. SRFT is one of the largest neurosciences centres in the country, and has a significant and growing need for neurophysiological...

Sam Dickens

Divisional Director Of Operations And Performance At Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust


The team and service MediServices Healthcare provide is simply excellent, I would not hesitate to recommend this service to any colleagues or fellow surgeons. They provide a stress-free...

Miss Fiona J.l. Arnold MA PHD FRCS (NEURO.SURG)

Consultant Neurosurgeon, Charing Cross Hospital

Excellence in Governance and Compliance