It is our wish that Mediservices provides a quality service to patients and staff, which is not always the case with waiting list initiatives in the NHS.

This only works if all of our clinicians agree with the policy and help us work towards it. Of course, we welcome suggestions. I was going to expand on this but given the two large topics

which follow I shall hold that over for another edition. 

CQC Accreditation 

I would like to congratulate Andile and the management team for getting us registered with CQC. That’s quite an achievement. Of course, we shall face an inspection at some point, probably next year. 


Next, we want to obtain IQIPS accreditation. That is similar in essence to CQC, but much more detailed and therefore tougher. Few neurophysiology departments have obtained it yet although it is commoner in audiology. We have some advantages as a

private company in being freer of the constraints of a large, indifferent trust to work on this, but nevertheless as a small organization, we shall struggle. The benefits to Mediservices if we achieve it are obvious – I think it will help all of us in our other roles too at appraisal, which may be less obvious.